We are throwing our debut party at Peti Kupe-78

We are throwing our debut party at Peti Kupe

Zagreb's finest, Peti Kupe will be hosting Dobar House for the first time on the 21st of May.

We are delighted to announce our debut event in Peti Kupe, a venue that has some of the finest audio and visual treatments you can think of in the club world, and when you add it's amazing theatrical space to the equation, you get an all-round special treat.

At this time we will not disclose our next guest, but we can tell you that we are super excited to bring him over, as we know he'll get the whole party jumping.

That's why we've put special Loyal FAN Tickets on sale, but be aware that they are extremely limited!

You can find them here, and you can follow the event for all the relevant info here.

See you soon! 😊

Don't forget, we also dance in Masters at the end of April.