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Tom Bug & Grooveline - What’s Your Sign-156

Tom Bug & Grooveline - What's Your Sign

Only a few weeks after Tom Bug & Grooveline's smash hit 'Love Will Shine,' comes another disco-infused delight - 'What's Your Sign,' this time on Dobar House.

The duo has been collaborating on music for as long as they can remember, and lately they have been busier than usual. Not committing to one style, the guys have done it all. However recent times suggest they are turning towards disco samples as well as combining the ever-fruitful 90s sound of house music with their own current interpretation..

'What's Your Sign' is a fantastically upbeat and exciting track that will make you fist bump and smile all at the same time. Its purpose is straightforward: to deliver energy and positive vibrations to the dance floor.
Right. This. Second.

1. Tom Bug & Grooveline - What's Your Sign (Extended Mix)
2. Tom Bug & Grooveline - What's Your Sign (Radio Edit)
Written by Curtis Knight, Tomislav Brusac & Antonio Kozlina
Produced by Tomislav Brusac & Antonio Kozlina
Published by PPX Enterprises Inc & Tomislav Brusac & Antonio Kozlina

'What's Your Sign' contains samples of 'Zodiac' by Curtis Knight, Written by Curtis Knight, Published by RPPX Enterprises Inc, made possible by Tracklib

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